Plain Language Summary: The Space of Technicity

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  • This book examines the interconnectedness of humans, nature, and technology. It proposes that we can't just split the world into separate parts, like "subjects" and "objects". Instead, everything affects everything else in ways that are sometimes hard to comprehend.
  • Through a collection of essays by transdisciplinary thinkers, this anthology argues that space isn't just where things appear or are contained. Space is shaped by humans, nature, and technology all together, changing continuously and influencing each other.
  • The authors emphasize that this interconnectedness requires us to think in new ways to solve problems like climate change. They insist that it’s not just about fixing one thing at a time: it’s about embracing the big picture.
  • The authors believe that by understanding how everything is connected, we can come up with creative and effective solutions to major challenges, utilizing technology effectively and ethically.
  • There's novelty in this approach of looking at problems not as isolated issues but as part of a bigger, interconnected condition, which might change how humanity tackles them.