City of Innovations

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Series editor: Manuela Triggianese et al.

The ‘City of Innovations’ series interrogate the relation between architectural design practice and mobility, and it examines architectural strategies that address the need for an integrated approach of design. The series use the mobility, energy and environmental transitions as a starting point to reflect upon contemporary urban challenges and the architectural design practice, its methods and tools. Public transport plays an important role in the urban transition to sustainable development. Stations belong to the environment, which needs to become healthier, more liveable and inclusive. The first volumes reflect upon the role of stations in metropolitan areas, their function in the city and people-center and future-proof design scenarios.

As part of Complex Projects group at the Department of Architecture, ‘City of Innovations’ include the results of master students’ design-research projects. Research challenges include the relationship between mobility and public space; architectural typologies and new ways of living, working and moving; cultural changes and the development of our cities. It sees the collaboration with cities, designers and academic partners.

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Cover of the book Living Stations
City of Innovations, Vol.1

Living Stations: The Design of Metro Stations in the (east flank) metropolitan areas of Rotterdam

Manuela Triggianese (editor), Olindo Caso (editor), Yagiz Söylev (editor)
February 4, 2021
Cover of the book Inclusive Stations
City of Innovations, Vol.2

Inclusive Stations: Gates into the city of Rotterdam

Manuela Triggianese (editor), Yagiz Söylev (editor)
November 19, 2021
Book cover of the Transit Stations: Sub-centers in Rotterdam Zuid
City of Innovations, Vol.3

Transit Stations: Sub-centers in Rotterdam Zuid

Manuela Triggianese (ed), Yagiz Söylev (ed), Yang Zhang (ed), Halina Veloso e Zarate (ed)
October 25, 2022
cover of the book Stations as Nodes
Special Issue

Stations as Nodes: exploring the role of stations in future metropolitan areas from a French and Dutch perspective

Manuela Triggianese (editor), Roberto Cavallo (editor), Nacima Baron (editor), Joran Kuijper (editor)
February 28, 2019