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The vision of TU Delft is to contribute to solving global challenges, with quality education playing a crucial role. Recent years have shown the importance of being adaptable and forward-thinking in the face of rapid change. This requires our teachers to recognize and cater to emerging needs, and our students to acquire not only a solid knowledge base, but also skills that will allow them to continue meeting the demands of society in their professional life. While the university’s vision and policies on education include important aspects such as challenge based, blended, and open education, it is ultimately our teaching body and student population that implement education; it drives our innovation around teaching and learning at TU Delft.

In our “Education Series,” our authors address themes that they encounter in their teaching activities at TU Delft. These include aspects such as the role of collaboration in learning, multidisciplinary approaches to education (and research), the need for a broader skill set beyond technical knowledge, more holistic roles for engineers, emphasizing social responsibility, innovation, and sustainability, and the integration of societal values, and the critical examination thereof, into university education. The titles in this series are therefore reflections on education in our age from the perspective of our educators, with an eye towards innovation that remembers to keep our values in sight.

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City of the Future Graduation Lab: Experiences in Multidisciplinary Education

Roberto Cavallo (ed), Joran Kuijper (ed), Maurice Harteveld (ed), Marcelo Carreiro Matias (ed), Mesut Ulkü (ed), Sonja Drašković (ed)
September 4, 2023
Open Design Systems cover book

Open Design Systems

A.R.M. (Rogier) Wolfert
August 24, 2023
cover 'Rethink the City'

Rethink the City: New approaches to Global and Local Urban Challenges

Anja van der Watt (ed), Luz María Vergara (ed), Igor Tempels Moreno Pessoa (ed), Caroline Newton (ed)
March 7, 2024