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Series editors: Stavros Kousoulas, Andrej Radman and Heidi Sohn

The Ecologies of Architecture Book Series promotes a transdisciplinary approach to architectural thinking and doing by extending its interest to topics that bring together the three ecological registers, namely the environment, the social and the individual. Such an approach accounts for what the built environment will come to be, and speculates about who will become alongside it. The series focuses not only on the why, what and how of architecture, but also on the who, who with and for whom.

The Ecologies of Architecture presents scholarly work in the form of peer reviewed monographs and edited volumes on the following themes and areas of expertise: the ecological turn, affect & affordance theory, philosophy of science & technology, digital humanities, AI, new materialisms, agential realism, geophilosophy & geopolitics, and decolonial, queer and feminist theories.

The series rethinks the human from the perspective of the nonhuman forces within it, emphasises diversity and heterogeneity within a broad variety of different ontologies, and explores the political, social and environmental consequences of these processes for the discipline of architecture. For the Ecologies of Architecture, architecture does not represent culture, but is a mechanism of culture, and as such is examined in all its diverse and complementary potentials.

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This book series stems from the "Ecology of Architecture" book* published as Open Access and available here. The book challenges the alleged primacy of the 'physical' world. What we engage with is the world considered as an environment and not merely an aggregate of objects.

*Radman, 2023. Ecologies of Architecture: Essays on Territorialisation. Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press.

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cover 'The Space of Technicity'

The Space of Technicity: Theorising Social, Technical and Environmental Entanglements

Robert Gorny (ed), Stavros Kousoulas (ed), Dulmini Perera (ed), Andrej Radman (ed)
April 15, 2024