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Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities seek in an interdisciplinary way to contribute towards understanding and solving the major and complex social issues of our time. They work with societal partners and seek to form a basis for further academic and public-private partnerships. The contributions can be found in the TU Delft OPEN Publishing book series. You will find here an overview of discussion papers (also known as white papers) in which complex issues are approached from various disciplines.

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Cover 'Verbind klimaat en biodiversiteit'

Verbind klimaat en biodiversiteit: Voor de samenleving, economie en natuur

Jan Willem Erisman (ed), Herman Russchenberg (ed), Annelot Broerze (ed), Joran Lammers (ed)
May 16, 2024
cover 'Naar een gezonde samenleving voor iedereen'

Naar een gezonde samenleving voor iedereen

Andrea Evers (ed), Sandra van Dijk (ed)
January 22, 2024
Cover 'Repair in the circular economy'

Repair in the circular economy: European legislation, product design and business models

Ruud Balkenende (ed), Conny Bakker (ed), Elise Blondel (ed), Yumiko Henneberry (ed)
January 22, 2024
cover 'Dit is de echte slimme stad'

Dit is de échte slimme stad: Met levendig debat over democratie, data en technologie in de smart city

Esther Eumann (ed), Liesbet van Zoonen (ed), Jiska Engelbert (ed)
January 11, 2024