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New Releases

Cover 'Verbind klimaat en biodiversiteit'

Verbind klimaat en biodiversiteit: Voor de samenleving, economie en natuur

Jan Willem Erisman (ed), Herman Russchenberg (ed), Annelot Broerze (ed), Joran Lammers (ed)
May 16, 2024
cover 'The Space of Technicity'

The Space of Technicity: Theorising Social, Technical and Environmental Entanglements

Robert Gorny (ed), Stavros Kousoulas (ed), Dulmini Perera (ed), Andrej Radman (ed)
April 15, 2024
Cover 'Repository'

Repository: 49 Methods and Assignments for Writing Urban Places

Carlos Machado e Moura (ed), Dalia Milián Bernal (ed), Esteban Restrepo Restrepo (ed), Klaske Havik (ed), Lorin Niculae (ed)
April 12, 2024
cover 'Vademecum'

Vademecum: 77 Minor Terms for Writing Urban Places

Klaske Havik (ed), Kris Pint (ed), Svava Riesto (ed), Henriette Steiner (ed)
April 12, 2024

Circular Design Research in The Netherlands

Marcel den Hollander, Marijke Idema, Peter Joore
March 11, 2024
cover 'Rethink the City'

Rethink the City: New approaches to Global and Local Urban Challenges

Anja van der Watt (ed), Luz María Vergara (ed), Igor Tempels Moreno Pessoa (ed), Caroline Newton (ed)
March 7, 2024